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Morcilla Sausage

Morcilla sausage = Spanish blood sausage

Spanish morcilla has many variants. The most well-known and widespread is morcilla de Burgos which contains mainly pork blood and fat, rice, onions, and salt, and is produced in cylindrical shape. In Albacete and La Mancha, it is filled with onions instead of rice, which completely changes the texture. Other varieties introduce breadcrumbs, pine nuts, and almonds, and vary the proportions of the other ingredients or flavourings, some of them considered delicacies.  The cooking method for consumption is typically fried, stewed, grilled or roasted, and usually sliced in one-finger-thick wheelettes (“rodajas”).

Locally we see mainly the the morcilla cocida.  The texture is soft and the sausage can be a nightmare to cook with the skin splitting and black sausage going everywhere.  However the flavour is delicate and rich (if that is possible) and the niceties of presentation can sometimes be forgiven with such great flavour.

The sausage section of supermarkets and deli’s is a wonderful place to loiter.

I just love this sausage.  I use it instead of the English black pudding in my English breakfast.

It has a wonderful light fragrant flavour.  This flavour is also excellent in stews giving extra body, and depth of flavour.

This is my goto ingredient.


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