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Full lunch at Estrella Lodge

I do not like waste and some of the items provided at lunch time may be leftovers from the previous days cooking which will have been placed in airtight containers in the fridge that day.  This could be cold meat from a roast or some vegetables that could be made into a salad.  At no time would I offer food that is out of date or that I would not eat myself.

Your lunch could consist of a varied selection of items such as:

  • various salads – green, rice, pasta, potato etc
  • tortilla, quiche
  • Cheese / Meat / Fish platter
    • tuna, feta cheese, cooked ham sliced off the bone, pate, Spanish cheese
  • local bread, rolls, home-made bread
  • home cured olives, home-made pickles / chutneys / ali oli
  • selection of fruit, some of which are home grown (depending upon season)


A full meal could be too much for you, especially on a hot day, so I do also offer snacks, examples below, or you can always ask for something specific

  • toasted sandwich – cheese with tomato or pickle etc
  • scrambled egg on toast
  • cheese on toast
  • roll (baguette) filled with cheese, meat, tuna and salad

Alternatively there are plenty of places to have lunch in the area if you are not staying with us at Estrella Lodge for the day, just ask while having breakfast and we will fill you in.

I really do like to cook and lunch is a good opportunity for you to try my food.  I hope that I will be able to tempt you to trying one of my lunches.  The food that I provide is home made and can be tailored to your liking.


Packed Lunch

Perhaps you are planning on going out and would prefer a packed lunch.  Give me some notice please as I do not always have individual packs of crisps or chocolate bars to hand, your packed lunch could be:

  • roll filled with your choice of salad items and meat or cheese or tuna
  • piece of fruit
  • savoury snack eg pack of crisps
  • can of drink eg coca cola or small bottle of water
  • chocolate snack


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