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Take a break and Join us for Christmas 2021

Christmas at Estrella Lodge



What do Christmas decorations mean to me? a time for reflection and remembering all the good times with family and friends.

Decorating Estrella Lodge

I really like to put up Christmas decorations.  I have been collecting these decorations all my life.  Each year I buy a little more to cover breakages which do happen now and again.  It is like looking through a diary for me.  Putting the decorations up and remembering where and when I got them.  Some I must admit are now back in the mists of time but others are still very memorable.  On the passing of my parents I inherited some more decorations from them.  This process can be a real history lesson for me. Some may think a little outdated with current traditions but I just cannot bare to leave any out.  Thank goodness we live at Estrella Lodge where there is plenty of hanging room.

Decorating the tree

So at the beginning of December I will get all the boxes and bags of Christmas decorations out of storage and setup my tree.  Not real but I would hate to kill a tree just to decorate it.  I will need to do a bit of furniture re-arrangement to make room and then spend the afternoon with a glass of cava and place each item carefully on my tree.

As things change at Estrella Lodge so the Christmas tree ends up in a different location.  The preferred location at the moment is out on the BBQ terrace so it can be seen by all and looks great when the lights are on.  So I anticipate that it will be there this year too.

Christmas trees

Hanging Decorations

There will then be another day spent on other hanging Christmas decorations with more cava and a real sense of joy.  I will have to encourage Keith into helping out as I am not very good at the top of a ladder and the naya ceiling is very high.

Join us for Christmas 2021

Come to Estrella Lodge for Christmas in 2021 – what a couple of years we have all had with the Covid pandemic causing so many problems and sorrows, we deserve a break. Come and see what I have done with the decorations this year.

Come and join us for a celebration of friendship and human resilience.