Full Luncheon

consists of a varied selection of items such as:

  • various salads – green, rice, pasta, potato etc
  • tuna, feta cheese, cooked ham sliced off the bone, ali oli, pate, Spanish cheese
  • local bread, rolls, home-made bread
  • home cured olives, home-made pickles / chutneys
  • selection of fruit, some of which are home grown (depending upon season)


choose from:

  • toasted sandwich – cheese with tomato or pickle etc
  • scrambled egg on toast
  • cheese on toast
  • roll filled with cheese, meat, tuna and salad

Packed Lunch

such as

  • roll filled with your choice of salad items and meat or cheese or tuna
  • piece of fruit
  • savoury snack eg pack of crisps
  • can of drink eg coca cola or small bottle of water
  • chocolate snack