paella, mixed salad and prawn salad

Evening Meal

3 or 2 courses of your choice:

the food on offer is quite simple, based on locally available produce and home cooked.  During the warm/hot weather the meat or fish would be cooked on the BBQ, at other times it may be griddled, grilled or roasted.  An evening meal can consist of 2 or 3 courses and based on a selection of the items below, however we do like to include a paella if possible during your stay and we will discuss your specific requirements to ensure all the food meets your needs:

Light Starter

  • melon
  • avocado
  • prawns
  • soup
  • salad

Main Course

  • meat or fish as available
  • pasta or rice dishes which may be a vegetarian paella or risotto

accompanied by a variety of salads or seasonal vegetables  and potato – baked, boiled or roasted

To Finish

  • cheese and biscuits
  • ice cream
  • fresh fruit salad
  • cheesecake
  • frozen deserts
  • gateau
  • crema catalana