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The naya has been glazed giving us an extra room, where we have seating for 4 in comfy chairs and 7 stalls at the bar

pool table
pool table

The private bar offers all sorts of drinks – both Keith and Sandra enjoy playing ‘host’ please come and join them for a drink

Keith working behind the bar
private bar – Keith working hard

Hot Tub

You may like to use the hot tub at the edge of the sun terrace. The hot tub is covered by a Coolashade sail to keep the sun off and surrounded by glass balustrade to reduce the wind.  You can sit and enjoy the view of Montgo.

During the summer we do not have the hot tub heated, it can be quite refreshing as it stays cooler than the swimming pool.  But if you need a little heat, just give us an hours notice and we can switch on the heater for you.

Play Tennis

The tennis court at Estrella Lodge has a hard court surface and you can see from the picture that you have plenty of room, the tennis court is surrounded by chain link fencing.

The wonderful view from the far corner of the tennis court with Montgo mountain in the background does sometimes distract you from play